Bets in the line – what types will be divided

How are the definitions indicated in the painting recognized. The list of sports betting is wide with various secretive terms.

Match outcome and double chance

The usual, standard category of events in the game. There are three options for the main result: P1, P2 and X – respectively, winning the first, second and a draw. In tournaments that involve a probable draw, there is also a subcategory of outcome called double chance. It is defined as 1X, X2 and 12 – respectively – non-losing of the first, second and there will be no draw (victory of any of the teams). In tennis and volleyball, double outcomes are not expected. If you like to bet on sports events, we recommend downloading the Mostbet yukle betting app.


Handicap bets – a forecast for a gap in the score at the end of a match or a particular period in the game. Handicap bets are relevant both for goals scored and for points scored – the handicap is also used in statistical indicators. This outcome is popular in all sports.

Handicap betting

There are 2 types of odds – European and Asian. With fractional and integer values: (+0.25) or (-0.5). For the second type of bet, there are practically no returns – only in that case. when the Quaternary Asian Handicap can return half of the bet. The Eurohandicap is characterized by an integer expression, and this implies a probable expense (return).

Another handicap is divided into zero, plus and minus. The zero handicap is used by bettors in those cases in which there is a desire to play the victory of the team, however, due to the high risk of the forecast, there is a desire to insure. If the outcome is a draw, the zero handicap is calculated as a return, and if your team wins, it will be calculated as a win. A plus handicap is used when it is predicted that the club will not concede by some margin in the result – often this is a bet against a lantern (favorite). A minus handicap is essential for bettors when betting on favorites and their chance of winning with a crushing score is quite high.


This is an event that involves betting on the number of successful events. Due to the total, not only goals scored are evaluated, but also statistics – corners, cards, fouls, passes, shots on target, outs, etc. Total is a numerical expression of each action in a sporting event that can be realistically calculated. There is no such sport where bookmakers do not accept this type of bet.

Explanation of sports betting: total

There are general and individual totals – that is, total from two teams and personal for each participant in the match. Total, like handicap, is divided into European and Asian. The main goal in the total is to guess whether the final indicator will be more / less than the parameter proposed by the bookmaker. It is denoted as follows: TB / TM – for example, TM 2.5 – total 2.5 less.

There is an even odd outcome in the line – the bettor is asked to guess whether the number of effective actions will be odd / even. All types of bets on the total are accepted, not only for a single match, but also for a specific period, set, half, etc.

Both To Score

One of the most common football bets. There are in the painting of hockey games. The line says: “both to score – yes / no”, or “OZ – yes / no”. The meaning of the result in the future: the player must bet on whether both teams will be able to score within the match/half or not. The type of bet is in the list of matches in football, hockey in all bookmakers.

Type of bet – correct score

This is a bet on the final outcome of the match, expressed by the exact number of goals. There is not a bet on the exact result in all sports – in basketball, handball and darts, for example, it is difficult to calculate the TS because of the high performance, since it can be both two and three-digit. This type of bet is indicated in the line as “Correct Score” or “TS”. It is distinguished by high odds and high risk – it is difficult to guess the exact score even in a football match.

Send-offs and penalties

Penalty is a rather specific bet in football. Despite the fact that a 11-meter kick is still beaten in futsal, in hockey there is an analogue of this type of free kick – a shootout, bets are accepted by most bookmakers only on a football game. In the betting line, this is presented as a market “Will there be a penalty in the match”, and the bettor is offered options to choose “Yes” or “No”.

As far as penalties are concerned, this market exists in football and hockey. In the second case, the bet is placed on a handicap or total removals due to more frequent contact, as well as the frequency of fouls. In a football match, the chance of a removal is lower, as a result of which the coefficients on KK are higher. When analyzing a probable “ban” or “point”, BC users are required to know the identity of the appointed referee – it often depends on him whether a penalty kick or removal will be delivered. Now it is necessary to monitor not only the referee – the people who work with VAR in football are no less important, because the definition of a penalty and the demonstration of a “red light” to the player may depend on their decisions.

Statistical Markets

If you look at the statistics, in each sport, attention is focused on a variety of things. The painting in the games is based on the features of the sport. Suppose, in terms of statistics, the most detailed sports in terms of the number of statistics are basketball and football. In other events, painting is also available, but in small sizes.

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